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Why should I send you my great App idea?

Good question! We are for sure the right team to send your idea to, why? It's simple, we are able to fund, design, develop, market & launch your product in a professional way and in close cooperation with you.

Why do you propose to sign a NDA?

Based on our experience the last couple of years we see this step as a "security" for both parties. The NDA makes sure you can share your idea with us without having to think that we might steal it from you. On the other hand it shows commitment from you side to partner with us through the whole project.

Why are you investing your money / time in my App?

We are entrepreneurs, which means that if we see the potential of your App we are prepared to take the chance and go "all in the way" in order to achieve a successful outcome. However, please note that we are not a philanthropic organisation. Obviously we are aiming at a win-win deal for both of us.

What kind of deal can you offer me if my App idea has potential?

Giving the fact that we see potential in your App, there are several possibilities in reaching a deal. First and foremost, it's important that both parties benefit from an eventual successful App. We are not looking to rip you off, and we are sure that we'll come to an agreement. Possible elements are revenue sharing, IP rights sharing, etc.

What happens if you don't see potential in my App idea?

In that case you will receive professional, honest and straight-to-the- point feedback from us. The more serious your idea outline is, the better feedback we can give. Perhaps you'll be able to improve the outline and resend it, of course we are open for this as well. As we signed a NDA you don't have to worry about us stealing your idea.

Part of the development I can do myself, is this an option?

Depending on the potential of your idea as well as the part you want to do by yourself (i.e. design or programming) this might be an option. In general we are open for any kind of solution as long as we can come to mutual understanding.

For which platforms can I send you my App idea?

We are equipped to to support all (mobile) platforms. Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MAC OS X), RIM (BlackBerry), Google Android, Windows Mobile 7, you name it, we can develop (natively) for it. In addition, our team has experience building comprehensive web systems, which of course can be linked with mobile Apps.